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2020 Content Predictions: Local Targeting Will Become More Prevalent This Year

The best place to start building your customer base is around you. Figuring out how to adjust your content to cater to their needs is a great first step before targeting customers outside of a local network.


Using the detailed targeting option on Facebook can be a useful tool for you to find out what people around you are looking for. You can see a lot of information that may prove extremely helpful in your quest for understanding your target audience.

Detailed targeting information from Facebook can be compiled from their demographic information, the ads clicked on, the kind of mobile devices used and the network connections they are used on, and the pages that are being interacted with.

Using this detailed targeting information on Facebook in 2020 can give you an advantage. Using the information that has been collected in your area can help you fine-tune how you are creating your content to make it more appealing to the local customer base.


Once you have used the detailed targeting option to find out what customers are looking for around you, it is time to create the customer in a fictional sense. Creating customer personas from the information collected can help in the adjustment of your content strategies.

Knowing who these people are and what they like makes your page more friendly to your local targeted audience. Simply put, you want the customer base in your target group to click your page or ad, not your competitors. The idea is to make at least four of these personas and make your strategy appealing to them.

This may not be an easy thing to do at first, but if you have a common goal for all of the personas, you can work backward to solve your problem. Maybe you have more sales in the Midwest but not a whole lot from the Northeast. Figuring out what separates customers living in the Midwest from those living in the Northeast can help you increase sales across the board.


If simply doing research on your targeted audience doesn’t bring the results you were looking for, there is an easy way to fix this. Ask them. Creating a survey and having your customers fill it out can bring forth a lot of insight on what they are actually wanting.

Why not do this to begin with?

The idea of the persona creations is to help you create content that you think the local targeted group wants to see. Once you have created this, surveying them can be a useful tool to adjust your strategies making it more pleasant to your customer base.

If you started by simply surveying a targeted group of people, without having content for them to base an opinion on, it could create a lot more work on your end. They could be giving you ideas, but unless you are pulling their focus in on a few specific items, the answers could be useless.


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