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2022 Marketing Predictions : Specialized Content Reigns Supreme

As another new year approaches, that means new trends will soon be popping up, if not already in the digital content world. It's essential for anyone who produces digital content or does any online marketing to pay attention to upcoming trends and use them in future content creation. However, just because new trends appear and you want to be a part of them does not mean you can forget about your old content strategies or apply them to these new trends.

For example, specialized content continues to be vital in content creation. It is your best way to attract customers and visitors. This article will focus on specialized content, why it continues to reign supreme in the digital content world, and how you can apply it to your strategies in 2022.

Building Brand Awareness

Today's day and age of the internet has made it easier than ever for millions of companies to compete with each other. With more than 1.7 billion websites existing and 4.5 billion people worldwide contributing to online interactions, it's no surprise the competition is brutal. And many websites and brands are competing in the same ways.

So, here's how specialized content can set you apart. Instead of recycling old content and getting lost in the crowd of the internet, set yours apart. By playing to your strengths, whether through story-telling and video or educational infographics, stick to what you are best at and what your current followers like to build brand awareness and stand out amongst all the competition.

Improve Organic Traffic

Like specialized content, SEO is also crucial to digital content creation. More than 82% of U.S. desktop search traffic originates from Google. With it being the most popular search engine globally, you want to ensure you are ranking high. You can do so by improving your organic traffic with specialized content. For example, writing a blog needs to contain relevant keywords, but it also can't be too stuffed. There are expert writers that know how to make you stand out in the over-populated internet crowd.


This is a significant key to success in the online world. Your brand needs to be trustworthy and credible in your specific field. If you are lying or misleading in any way, you will lose views, clicks, or whatever you're trying to maintain on the internet. Creating specialized content pieces that focus on why you are an expert and showcasing what you know helps build that trust with your audience, and trust on the internet nowadays is vital.

Original Content

Like credibility, your content needs to be 100% original. Any duplicated or plagiarized content is horrible for your SEO. If you stick to specialized content keeps you from accidentally doing so. Personalized content that is unique in its way each time will translate well with customers.

Specialized Content Examples

In the digital content creation world, several different types of content can fit in the specialized category. This includes pillar, evergreen, visual, and viral content.

● Pillar content- quality foundational content that you create to represent your brand. There is no limit to the amount of pillar content that can be made. It can be done as ebooks, tutorials, infographics, any content that provides value.

● Evergreen content- this type of content is where you can get fun. Evergreen is a type of content that can be enjoyed without regard to when it was created. For example, a blog on “how to hook your readers from the first lines.”

● Visual content- This may be the easiest way to produce specialized content. Customers respond well to visuals. People want to use their eyes to watch something or to receive a message. So, videos, memes, graphics, infographics, any way you can produce specialized content visually will help your brand.

● Viral content- Going viral can be challenging, but it's not impossible. It happens every day to random people or brands all the time. So one of your goals in specialized content creation should be trying to go viral with something you created. Your best bet is to use a video or photo through social media.

Start Creating Your Specialized Content

The new year is nearly upon us, and with it should come all of your new specialized content ideas. It's obvious why it's so important in digital content creation and marketing, but it's up to you on how you will use it to your advantage. Start with a plan and be smart with the type of content you will be putting out there, but also have fun with it!

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