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7 Facebook Marketing Myths Debunked

There are many Facebook ad myths out there; beliefs that lead to poor ROIs, overpaying, and a lack of ad optimization, all of which lead to bad Facebook ad performance and wasted money.

Beliefs like “Facebook advertisements are so expensive” or “I need as many Facebook page followers as possible” are working against you.

We take a look at some of the most frequent Facebook myths to bring you: Debunking 7 Common Facebook Ad Myths!

· Myth #1: Running Facebook Ads Requires A Large Budget

This could hardly be more untrue. One of the nicest things about Facebook advertisements is that you can start running effective advertising for as little as $5 a day. And yes, maybe $5 a day isn’t much in the broader scheme of things, but it can help you to put on the pathway to business success.

You can start off creating simple and small test campaigns to see what works best for you.

· Myth #2: The Goal Of Your Facebook Ads Is To Get Huge Tons Of Likes

So many businesses put money into increasing page likes and track it as one of their key performance indicators, expecting that it will pay off in the long run since more people will see their articles and eventually become customers. This is wrong for two reasons:

  1. Just because someone liked your Facebook page doesn’t indicate he’ll become a customer any time soon.

  2. Organic reach on Facebook is constantly dropping, so not even your “Likers” will see your page posts unless you boost them.

Start focusing on using Facebook ads to achieve your feasible goals. To achieve your business goals, choose the optimal campaign aim, which is usually conversions, app installs, lead generation, or traffic.

· Myth#3: The Most Significant Metric Is The Relevance Score

Too many advertisers invest so much time and effort in boosting their relevance score, assuming that this is the best approach to improve outcomes, and they eventually end up focused on the incorrect statistic.

What you should concentrate on are the ultimate results: your cost per acquired user and return on investment (ROIs).

ROI measurements ensure that you are not only meeting your campaign’s overall goal but also staying inside your ad budget.

Relevance score, on the other hand, does not tell you whether your advertising is generating those clicks; rather, it simply states that your ad is relevant to your key audience.

· Myth#4: All Of Your Visitors Should Be Retargeted As One

Although retargeting is an important part of your marketing plan, many Facebook marketers conduct a single retargeting campaign for all store visitors at the same time.

People who come to your site through multiple campaigns and check out different bits of your site or are at a different stage of their buyer journey should be retargeted with different advertisements, budgets, and bids.

If you want to be effective with your remarketing ads, you should create remarketing audiences based on a specific segment of your website traffic.

· Myth #5 Facebook Ads Is Useless For B2B

Since Facebook it’s a social media network, B2B marketers often overlook Facebook ads as a lead-generating platform, because “they want to attract professionals”, but in reality these professionals you’re attempting to reach spend a lot logged in Facebook.

When compared to other digital marketing channels, Facebook is not only easier to reach professionals and businesses of all types, but it is also usually the most effective avenue when done correctly. B2B marketers have a lot of options on Facebook!

· Myth #6 Paying for Facebook Ads Guarantees You Instant Success

Although running Facebook ads is so simple that anyone can do it, success is not always guaranteed. Just because you can create an ad doesn’t mean you’ll receive results. Therefore, you must approach your Facebook Ads with a plan.

The secret to creating attractive Facebook campaigns lies in creating material that your audience is likely to engage with, and not only obtaining strong reach but also clicks that ensure strong ROIs, which is your ultimate goal.

· Myth #7 Your Facebook Ad Campaign Is A Separate Element Of Your Strategy

The last Facebook ad misunderstanding is that your Facebook marketing plan is independent of your other marketing methods, while in fact, you should be merging them. While remarketing campaigns are excellent examples of this, but also is using Google Analytics data from AdWords campaigns to develop Facebook ad sets and vice versa.

Advertisements on Facebook should be part of your multi-purpose, channeled marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

The most important message here is that when it comes to Facebook Ads, there are no hard-and-fast rules. Some techniques may be effective for some brands but not others.

Experimenting with multiple tactics is the only surefire method to finding out what works for you.

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