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7+ November Content Marketing Ideas You Will Thank Us For

Content marketing is a dynamic sphere, and the competition becomes all the more intense when November comes. That’s because between Thanksgiving and New Year people indulge in shopping sprees, and all businesses want to leverage this spending spirit. Malls and stores get decked up with banners announcing attractive sales and offers. Likewise, online businesses get into an intense promotion war as November approaches.

New content marketing ideas are all the more needed as most shoppers prefer to shop online this year to keep themselves safe from the coronavirus. If you are wondering about what different could be done in content creation for the month of November, we have put together some ideas to help you out.

1. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Let’s start with the most basic idea that all businesses are going to implement. You must be wondering that’s why we have listed the most common thing, which literally everyone is going to do. That’s because it might not give you a unique advantage over others, but you will surely be at a loss if you choose to ignore it.

Businesses have made record sales on Black Friday for decades, and with the rise of e-commerce the sale season got extended till Cyber Monday. So do include this mega event in your November content marketing ideas.

2. Promote Thanksgiving Day

Most people would prefer to send gifts online to the loved ones as Thanksgiving dinners won’t be there due to covid-related concerns. Create content to boost sales of gifts for friends and family. Thanksgiving is also a great time to give back to the communit; you can organizse virtual fundraisers or charity events to support the individuals facing hardships in these uncertain economic time.

3. Thank the veterans

We observe 11th November as the Veterans’ day. It’s a great opportunity for your business to express your gratitude towards the veterans who served and protected the community. Craft content to convey the same on your social media handles as well as your business website. You can also run giveaways for veterans and their families to honor their sacrifice and contribution to the nation.

4.  Spread Awareness About Diabetes

Diabetes and obesity-related health issues in the USA; it is estimated that every 1 in 10 American suffers from some form of diabetes. November is observed as the National diabetes month; you should devote some content to raise awareness about diabetes. You could write a blog post about lifestyle changes to prevent diabetes, interview a diabetic employee in your team to share how he or she manages to keep the condition in control, etc. If you sell product or services related to health and fitness, you should highlight its benefits diabetes prevention and management.

5. Women’s entrepreneurship day

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day falls on the 19th of November; you can express your support to women entrepreneurs through your content. If your business is owned by a woman, showcase her entrepreneurship journey. If you have partners or vendors who are women, give them Kudos for the spirit of entrepreneurship. You can also create content around leadership, overcoming obstacles, etc.

6. World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is observed on the 13th November. And given the uncertainty many people having plunged into, courtesy of the pandemic, it’s all the more important to express kindness. If your business has taken up initiatives to help people in distress, you must communicate about it to your audience. If possible, give them a chance to get involved in it.

The day also offers you a chance to let people know about the social responsibility initiatives that your company undertakes around the year.

7. Reminder for recycling

Trash is piling up on the planet, and we really need to stress the importance of recycling. Takeaways, online shopping, etc. have only increased since the pandemic has gripped the world- adding to the problem of plastic waste. On 15th November, that is the national recycling day, remind people to recycle their trash. If you sell products that can be recycled or sent back to you once they have been all used up, make your consumers aware of it. Also share information on how people can change the consumption patterns to reduce their carbon footprints. Maybe your products or services could help them with that.

And A Bonus Tip….

Bid adieu to LONG Days

How can we forget that November is the month when daylight saving ends, nights become longer as we head into December? You can use it as a content theme. Use the colors of autumn in your website. Think of sending a postcard to your mailing list and remind them to set their clocks an hour back. Or you may tell your customers that they now have an extra hour which they could utilize by enjoying one of your products or services.

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