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COVID-19 DIARIES: Raw Feelings of How The Coronavirus is Changing a Content Writer’s Life

The vast majority of content writers are a work-at-home population. With the new restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus, you would think that staying home would not affect them. We spoke to a content writer to find out how her life has changed since this pandemic started.

When trying to find a way to get real thoughts and feelings on how the pandemic is affecting everyday people, the COVID-19 DIARIES was born. The goal is to provide an in-depth look at how the Coronavirus has changed the way people are working, socializing, and surviving.

This interview was done with anonymity in exchange for a raw perspective on the topic.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, did you work from home? If so, what was a typical day for you?

I made the decision several months ago to reenter the workforce after taking a break. I used to work in childcare, but took some time away to focus on personal needs. When I was ready to begin working again, I decided to look into writing. I have always loved to write, and I wanted to do something I enjoyed.

The appeal of content writing was that I could stay home and still provide for my family. I would get up early in the morning before getting the kids off to school and start my day. It became a routine that I grew comfortable with. I would write until it was time to pick my preschooler up from school, then we would run any errands that needed to be fulfilled.

I would cook supper and then get back to writing. I would write in the evenings until it was time for bed. It was a schedule that allowed me to do all the things I needed and balanced them with the things I wanted to do.

How has the Coronavirus changed your work habits and schedule?

Truthfully, I have yet to find a good work groove. Now that everyone is at home, all the time, the solace I used to take for work time with no interruptions has turned into an all-day-long circus.

I find myself staying up later and getting up twice as late as I used to. The only solace is when the kids are in bed, and I can give my full attention to my work. My desk is in the living room, which makes it easier to multi-task, but I find myself going back and forth between home and work duties. This makes me feel less efficient.

Has the isolation changed the way you communicate with your employer and your coworkers?

My employer and my coworkers are scattered across the world. The only real communication problem is time zone differences. We utilize applications that allow us to stay in touch and collaborate on projects if needed.

Occasional conversation not related to work isn’t bad either! Getting to know the people I work with has been a rewarding experience in itself. Finding out how things are being handled in different parts of the world during this pandemic has been incredibly insightful.

Do you feel like reading and writing about the Coronavirus has helped or hurt your anxiety?

I haven’t developed an opinion on the COVID-19 epidemic as of yet. I have been following the news a little more closely, and when I feel myself start to panic, I think about my situation. My family is at home together, and despite occasional headaches, this has been a humbling experience for all of us. Activities often make it challenging to find time to have dinner together or have a game night.

I have concerns, but not over health, mainly about job security. As a content writer, I depend on clients who need material. If clients begin to worry and stop ordering content, there is less work available. I’ve had to learn to roll with the punches.

Research has been my best friend during this pandemic. There are articles and social media posts out there to incite panic among the masses, which does no good in any situation. Surrounding myself by only the facts keeps my anxiety over the situation at bay.

Do you worry that you are working too much during the COVID-19 crisis?

I don’t worry that I’m headed toward burnout, if that is what you are asking. I feel like the only thing suffering at this point is finding the proper balance of work and play. It is easy to become entrapped by what is on the television or wanting to enjoy the Spring air. When you are cooped up all day long, the sunlight is a refreshing change that can be intoxicating. If anything, I feel like I have lost some of my work-drive due to the pandemic.

Do you have any advice for other content writers going through the same thing?

Make sure you know the facts before you formulate an opinion. Knowledge is power right now. Staying home and staying safe should be the priority at a time like this. The more the world works together, the sooner it will all go back to normal. As a human race, we should be finding a way to unite and not divide.

If your freelance writer business has been affected by the COVID-19 situation, we have a few resources to help. Check out our library or download our special guide for free. Good luck!


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