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Get Three Times the Traffic and Google Rankings Using Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most effective technique to attract organic traffic to your website. Organizations that excel at content marketing generate three times more traffic than companies that don't. That's a significant difference!

If you are a fan of our content then you are already aware of the benefits of content marketing. The question isn't so much about what drives traffic and leads to your website as it is about how to outsmart all of your competitors that are employing content marketing as part of their overall plan.

To perform content marketing correctly, you'll need the following four things:

SEO: Mastering SEO entails understanding essential Google ranking variables and aligning your content with them.

Authenticity: Understanding your brand and using your content to reflect its voice and expertise.

Creativity: Creating high-quality, original content and putting new, fascinating perspectives on previously discussed issues.

Consistency: Publishing content regularly through several channels.

Many brands are merely going through the motions regarding content marketing. This is why, despite the fact that 90% of brands publish content, just 24% claim to get a positive return on investment.

You need to start going the additional mile with content marketing if you want to enhance organic traffic and gain search rankings. We'll go over each of the four ways first, and then we'll go over practical measures you can do to put them into action right immediately.


Today, search engines are the starting point for practically every online experience. Consider this: you utilize search to find a quick response to a query.

When you're looking for a new brand, what do you look for?


Are you looking for something specific?


Are you looking for a recipe?


Where do Siri, Alexa, and other intelligent assistants obtain their information?

Search, as you would have imagined.

It is safe to conclude, then, that search engine optimization (SEO) is the most crucial part of your content marketing plan for gaining search ranks. In a nutshell, SEO is a set of strategies and practices that help websites and content rank better.

You can write the best content globally, but until it ranks on Google, it won't get you anywhere. More than 90% of internet users never go beyond the first page!

Keyword research is the foundation of every excellent SEO marketing approach. Fortunately, there are some excellent tools available to help you conduct detailed keyword research rapidly.

To begin, you'll need to determine the keywords you're already ranking for. You can seek the help of a professional content agency (yes, us) or use professional keyword tools.

It's a smart idea (and we suggest it) to focus your SEO efforts on these keywords, to begin with. You can achieve some quick victories and expand on your success because you already have success with them.

Other Important SEO Information to Remember

  • Backlinks are links that bring traffic to your site from other high-quality websites. Backlinks are used by Google to determine brand authority.

  • Site structure and user experience (UX) - Your website should be simple and intuitive to navigate for both humans and search engine crawlers.

  • Google now uses mobile-first indexing, which means that the mobile version of your site is more significant than the desktop version in most circumstances.

  • Google and other search engines are wiser than ever before in value and relevancy. They employ AI algorithms to find material that is both meaningful and relevant to its target audience, rather than loaded with keywords to attract attention.


When we mention authenticity, we're referring to your content that adheres to two principles. First, it includes the content and subject areas in which your business has knowledge and expertise that may be used to offer value. Second, it appropriately reflects your brand's offerings, personality, and voice.

To put it another way, you're yourself! You're not utilizing content to try to be someone you're not or to get around Google's algorithm to achieve more visibility where it's not necessary.

Google's EAT framework is another crucial topic to understand regarding authenticity. Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness are all represented by the letters EAT. Google employs this approach to assess the content creator's qualifications to supply the content. It's especially crucial in businesses where material can directly affect someone's health or livelihood, like medical or financial themes, but every brand should consider it.

To summarize, brands cannot outwit Google by stuffing keywords into articles. To start earning organic rankings with content marketing, you need to understand your business and your audience and create material that is beneficial to them.


People do not like to read dull material. This may seem apparent, but the truth is that when you Google most topics, the first few articles usually always say the same thing.

There is a time and place for that kind of direct approach. People, on the other hand, like information that is both interesting and authentic. That means you should have some fun with your material, which you can achieve by putting on your creative hat.

We have fantastic news for you: everybody can be creative. Marketers are naturally creative, but you can learn even if you aren't.

A design thinking method is one of the finest ways to get you and your team thinking creatively about content ideas. The goal of design thinking is to generate ideas that solve real-world problems for people.


Earning search rankings through content marketing requires patience and consistency. According to research, brands that write frequently over a long period of time receive more traffic and higher rankings as a result.

Using a content calendar to help you keep on track is the greatest approach to staying consistent. There are a plethora of fantastic content calendar templates available for download and customization to meet your specific requirements.

Content marketing agencies provide the resources, knowledge, and skills to carry out your content plan on a large scale. Working with an agency is superior to having an overworked, disgruntled team.

Final Thoughts

The Iris team will assist you in developing an effective plan, putting it into action to achieve your objectives, and tracking key performance indicators.

We can develop high-quality, search-engine-optimized material for you to publish on your website, saving you time and money. We'll also promote your content to increase its visibility.

Are you ready to rank?

Make an appointment for a consultation today.


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