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How Not to Bore Your Customers This Year

Let’s admit it, there's no 'foolproof' way to create the perfect piece of content. And honestly, there is probably not a 100 percent ideal piece of content that even exists. People form their own opinions, and not everyone agrees. While content creation (especially in a year with significant technological advances for delivering content) is a very complex and challenging job, we have a few tips to share, so your customers aren't bored with what you're putting out there. It's 2022, and it's time to embrace content in an informative yet fun fashion! Keep reading to learn more about the top five ways you can keep your customers and audience entertained and become buyers.

1.) Personalized Content

Content that is personalized to the customer can go a long way. It’s no secret that this is a successful tactic amongst marketers and content creators. According to a recent report, 92 percent of markets have seen an increase in personalized marketing.

If you’re new to personalized content and don’t know how to approach it, let us help. Personalization relies on data. You need to gather data on your customers to create a more impactful message. It's up to you to decide what type of data you need. We recommend finding the demographics, priorities, objections, preferences, and how they utilize your product. There are plenty of third-party sources out there to help you get the data you need to create more impactful and personalized content.

2.) Influencer Marketing

Using influencers to showcase or promote your products is a great way to grow your audience and not boring them. Your product should already have a target demographic. Let's say your demographic is young adult females. Then you can use an influencer that your demographic likes to promote your products—for example, a pop star, a famous vlogger, etc. Whatever influencer fits your demographic will give you the best response. Why? Because your audience trusts these people! So, utilize them when you can to keep content fun and approachable.

3.) Diversified Content

In 2022, diversified content needs to be incorporated into your content strategies. If you are only putting out one type of content, you're not doing your business any favors. Expectations on the internet are to have all different kinds of content mediums. Whether that is video, infographics, podcasts, TikToks, etc., all of the content opportunities that are out there, your audience expects you to be a part of it, and you should be! Some people prefer to consume a type of media one way or another, but that does not mean another person likes all of them. With the number of people on the internet looking at content all day, it doesn't hurt to utilize all the mediums.

4.) Interactive Content

It’s tough out here for content creators. You are competing amongst millions of other brands. It’s quite the challenge, but there are ways to help you get a step ahead, and that’s through interactive content.

Interactive content drives a two-way conversation, allowing your audience to actively participate rather than consume it and move on. It leaves a lasting impression that is difficult to do in 2022 on the internet. Think of content like quizzes, 360-degree virtual reality videos, polls, etc. This type of content allows your audience to interact and know the purpose of what you are selling. Interactive content is far from boring!

5.) The Future of AI

We saved the best type of non-boring content for last, Artificial Intelligence. It's also the future of content creation in 2022 and beyond! We've already seen AI in chatbots, business intelligence, design, personalization, content, and more. It's also going a step further as Google, the world's most popular search engine site, uses it to facilitate matches better to search queries. So, it's crucial as a marketer to understand AI and its future in your content while also trying it out for your audience.

Start Creating Content!

You now have five different ways to not bore your audience with the typical overused content out there. With the number of competitors on the internet, it's time to be unique, fun, and out there to not bore your buyers. Remember, attention spans are short, content is being driven every day and engraved in people's brains, find a way to stand out.

It's the start of a new year, and you need to set the goal of keeping your audience entertained to stand out amongst the crowd. Good luck, and start creating your content with the advice above!


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