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How To Leverage Influencers For SEO Content In 2020

Influencers play a large part in the promotion of business branding. 63% of consumers say that they trust the word of an influencer over the brand’s advertising. That is why having an influencer on board to promote your brand can make all the difference.


There are some proven ways to get an influencer to notice you. If you are willing to put in the work, their promotion can bring your brand tons of traffic.

1. Have content that rises above the rest- Make your content shinier and more appealing than your competitor so that it is easily noticed by influencers you interact within your niche.

2. Comment on their blogs- If you want influencers to notice you, make sure that you are showing that you notice them. Commenting on the things they post is a form of flattery that can help you get noticed by them.

3. Write a blog post about the influencer- If you are still trying to impress an influencer with flattery, writing a blog about them and linking their content within is a good way for them to receive more traffic.

4. Write reviews for products or services they produce- If the influencer you are seeking has their own products or services that they offer, it might be worth your while to try them and review them. Showing your personal interest in them can help raise their awareness of you.

5. Follow them on social media platforms- We live in an age where social media dominates ratings, follow your influencers and there is a good chance that they will follow you back.

6. Don’t be too pushy with them- The last thing you want to do is push the influencer away by coming on too strong or backing them into a corner. This is what can cause them to not want to promote your brand and they may actually give you negative reviews.

7. When all else fails, just ask- It may seem a little old fashioned in a world that is so quick-paced, but sometimes, simply just asking an influencer to try your brand and review it just might work. Sometimes taking the simple route is the most effective route.


If you are looking to promote your SEO brand content in 2020, getting an influencer on your team is one of the best options for you. People listen to influencers no matter how famous they are.

Chances are an A-list celebrity may be a little out of your reach starting out, but there are plenty of other influencers out there who can promote your brand just as effectively. The key is knowing how to choose the right one.

  1. Look for an influencer within your brand niche. If the influencer already populates when the SEO keywords are put into the search engines, then it is more likely that your brand will come up in those searches if they promote them.

  2. The influencer within this niche will also bring more traffic from those people who are looking for things, like your brand, within that subject area.

  3. If the influencer reviews or writes a blog about your brand, you are almost guaranteed more traffic due to the loyalty of the influencer’s fans. Not to mention, the backlinking prompts more people to visit your branded site.

This is a good chance for you to jump on board with the rising popularity of long-tail SEO keywords. Long-tail SEO keywords are responsible for 70% of all keyword searches. These are often what link someone to a specific influencer.

A lot of the time an influencer will use a hashtag that is brand specific. When they do this, their fan base is more likely to click on it. If this is specifically linked to your brand because of their “sponsorship”, you are likely to receive traffic specifically from their fan base and outward. This is why promoting the influencer on your own page and linking their information is just as important. It is a mutually beneficial relationship.


There is nothing more important for your content in 2020 than to build a reputation for yourself. The best way to do this is to build reputations with influencers. The only way that you are going to be able to make a large impact is by choosing the right influencers to promote your brands. For this, you need to make sure that you are doing as much research into the influencer as you possibly can. Your reputation as a brand can depend on it.

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