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How to Optimize Your eCommerce Website For More Conversions

An eCommerce website can be somewhat difficult to drive organic traffic to. Your brand is only online not in-person, but as more people continue to use the internet and social media there are always new ways to optimize it to get more conversions. Currently, there are around 47 billion websites, yes BILLION. So, getting your website noticed or sales can be a tough process, but there are always strategies to try like optimization. ECommerce optimization is a holistic approach to improving your website to gain more conversions.

The entire goal of eCommerce optimization is to have a user-friendly website that intentionally leads users towards purchasing your products or services. Conversions rate is the percentage of website visitors who purchased something from your online store. If you are struggling to do this approach don’t worry, we are sharing the best tips and tricks that will help increase your online sales through smart optimization processes.

High-Quality Images and Videos of Products

Nothing is more important on a user-friendly website than high-quality visuals. A big con that comes with online shopping is potential customers are not seeing the product physically. So, including a quality photo or video on your product page makes up for that lack of physicality. Another tip; make sure a visitor can click the image, move it around, and zoom in and out. JPEGs will be your best bet formatting-wise for an image as they provide the best quality for the smallest file size.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Having your eCommerce store be user-friendly for mobile devices is one of the most important things you can do. Don’t believe us? Read these statistics:

  1. Approximately four out of five Americans are now online shoppers, with more than half making purchases from their mobile devices.

  2. Users who have a negative experience on a mobile store are 62% less likely to purchase from you in the future.

It’s safe to say that customers will not tolerate any eCommerce store that isn’t tailored to their devices. For a smooth experience on your site, don’t try to be too unique. Keep your search bar simple yet prominent. Make sure your mobile site is fast, easy to use, and convenient.

Provide Coupons and Free Shipping

Limited time coupon codes can force visitors in a position of urgency when they are about to expire, making them more likely to purchase from your online store. Most shoppers will Google coupons and if they find one they’re more likely to purchase. So, it’s important to incorporate promotions and coupons into your store. Free shipping is also an absolute must in today’s eCommerce world. Thanks to Amazon, the majority of online customers expect free shipping. Free shipping entices approximately 79% of US consumers to online shopping. If you are worried that you can’t afford to offer free shipping, think again. Just increase your product prices to cover shipping costs.

Highlight Important Policies

Due to online shopping not being a physical form you want to make potential customers aware of policies that help them like return and guarantee policies. Think about it, the majority of in-person stores allow returns and even there you still get a dressing room to try on clothes or touch products. Allowing this as an option makes customers more comfortable with purchasing and chances are they won’t return anyways. Make sure these policies are front and center on your website. And a little secret about these kinds of policies, many eCommerce stores don’t offer them, so if you do that will give you a leg up and potentially drive up more conversions.

Be Competitively Priced

Adjusting your prices frequently will allow you to see what resonates with customers. It’s best to set an offer price that is in line with any competitors, it will maximize revenue while also delivering a good profit. Don’t forget to always watch for competitors’ price changes and trends. If you’re too overpriced for a similar product, website traffic could decrease.

Optimization Works

The optimization approach works. The strategies listed above are just a few out of the many an eCommerce store can try; others include:

  1. Live chat software

  2. Cart abandonment software

  3. Valuable content/copy

  4. Tweaks to the check-out process

  5. Speed

  6. Personalization

To stay on top of your website visitors make sure you are measuring your conversion rates. There’s plenty of different tracking systems to choose from that can fit your website’s needs best. Give these strategies a try and see how quickly you’ll increase your eCommerce conversion rate!


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