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Long-Form or Short-Form? What Content Will Work in 2021?

When was the last time you sat back and calmly read a complete newspaper? It seems like ages ago because now we prefer to scroll down information as quickly as possible. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have tuned our minds differently, and in the last decade, the attention spans of people have reduced massively. Millennials today do not have the time or the energy to spend hours on one thing; they like to multi-task and consume as much as they can in a short period. 

This changing behavior has also impacted the type of content we come across. Content has undergone major changes in the last few years as consumer habits have changed. Now the big question remains that how will content be in 2021? Will short form continue to dominate the online space, or will long-form make a strong comeback? Both the short and long-form have their pros and cons, so let’s weigh out which one could make a bigger impact.

Short-form Content Dominates in 2021:

Many market experts believe that short-form content will have an edge in the next decade. People are interested in getting quick, relevant, and quality information. They tend to find dragged, elaborate pieces extremely boring. Thus creators are now trying to produce something interesting in a short time. There are many reasons due to which short-form content is liked by so many people. 

1. Captures Attention:

Imagine you have to read two articles; one is a short 500 piece word which is direct, the information is easier to find, and you have to spend less time on it. Whereas, on the other side there is a well thought out 3000-word article which will at least take you 2 hours to finish. Which one would you prefer? Most of the people will go for the first one, and that’s because not many people have the time! Short-form articles or videos quickly capture the attention of the people as they tend to find answers without much effort. With short-form, everything becomes convenient for the user.

2. Optimal Result

According to researchers, people are more likely to watch a complete video that is shorter in length rather than watching a longer one. If your video is in between 3 to 5 minutes, then more people will likely see it. Whereas, if the video is an hour-long, then people can leave it mid-way if the content is not very interesting.

3. Quicker to Produce

Let’s be real, short-form videos and articles are much quicker to produce. The turnaround time is high thus you can produce almost double the content. From a productivity point of view, the short form is an intelligent bet.

Why Long-form Content Will Always be Valuable:

Despite the growing trend of short-form content, long-form content has its perks and will always remain valuable. Here are some reasons which will compel you to think along these lines.

1. Performs Better in Search Engines

If you intend to outrank your competitors, then you must produce high-quality content along with incorporating LSI Keywords. With longer content, Google can assume that the piece answers a user’s inquiry more comprehensively and in return must be better in terms of quality. It will also propel people to spend more time on your website, improving the site’s performance.

2. Positions Your Brand as an Authority

The more you write on a topic and the more research you put into one piece, the greater will be its credibility. People tend to believe that each statement is supported by valid facts thus they trust your content more and position your brand as an authority on that particular topic.

3. More Shares and Reach

As people consider long-form content more credible, they tend to share it more which will inevitably increase the reach of your piece too. Long-form content allows the reader to slowly navigate through every aspect of the topic, helping them to get a better understanding. This will provide readers a lot of delight and encourage them to spread the word.

Long-form vs Short-form: Which Trend Will Rule?

The right kind of balance between short-form and long-form will enable you to arouse users. Don’t stick to one type of content alone. Rather, experiment with the kind of content you want to produce. It is also essential to understand your target audience, your platform dynamics, and audience preferences.

The end goal should be clear in your head because this is the only factor that will allow you to make your content stand out. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if your content is short-form or long-form. If the quality is good, it will attract viewership. In 2021 and in the years to come, the quality of the content will be pivotal. Experimentation will be key and audiences will only follow you if you provide them something out of the box. 


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