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Pillar Pages: A Guide to Creating the Best

A pillar page is the one that covers everything about the topic on every single page, it helps organize your website according to the way people are looking for information5 nowadays, and it is the typical cornerstone for a bunch of content from your site. In other words, a pillar page is what keeps together each category of your content.

Typically the subject for the pillar page is the one you use to organize your cluster content around. A pillar page has room for more detailed posts that should have hyperlinks for the pillar page. Pillar pages are very superficial when covering a particular topic, however, cluster content that is located on the pillar page is the one that should address the specific topic in-depth.

These pages work as guides for particular topics in a specific range. By creating pillar pages, you can perfectly help visitors get the answers they are looking for in an easy and expedite way; it is very important to keep your audience because that is the way people are looking for content nowadays.

Why Create a Pillar Page?

People are searching for information differently nowadays, and it means there are new answers in how to create content; pillar pages are part of those answers, and clustering information may help you to get a better rank in search engines, in this sense it is better to have a pillar page with specific keywords for the in-depth blogs to improve your website visits.

How to…?

How to create the best pillar pages is the right question for keeping update in this market. Certain things will help you organize your website with this format and also will increase your visits.

Choose the main subject

Primarily you need to find the subject you want to focus on. In this stage you must forget about keywords, that is not the matter here. You need to define who is your audience and that way you can figure out what are they looking for, just when you know what your target audience is and what is the subject to discuss you will know how broad to make your page.

The largest the subject, the most useful the pillar page will be; this is because you want to offer several blogs with specific keywords that are related to the broader subject of the pillar page.

Create your pillar page

You have to think about starting it from zero or creating your pillar page in an old blog that you could adapt for it.

If starting your pillar page from scratch, then you need to develop a whole topic and it would be a good idea to work on it deeply, so it would be a good start by creating a table of the content you want to work on, from that you can also build a definition of everything you want to cover preferably in the first section of your blog with an overview of it and providing subtopics that will help create the pillar page.

The subtopics will be the clustered information of your website.

Select your keywords

It might sound out but as I said before, keywords are the key. You must select the specific words that you think –and you have researched about- are going to work to bring people to read to the topic you have established as your target. Remember to analyze the engines and choose keywords that are better ranked to build your titles, these keywords should focus on different aspects of the subject you chose, that way it is covering different aspects but creating the same traffic to your site.

Time to create content

This is everyone’s favorite part, isn’t it? You know exactly how to develop this part. You should pick what you want to do with your content inside the pillar page; it could go from creating brand awareness to direct sales content. Just remember you should try to focus on the creation of your content based on the keywords you have already selected and make sure to link all of this content to your pillar page.

As you see, creating a pillar page is not that hard and it will help you rank higher in search engines. This way you can better promote your brand, bringing more traffic to your site and making it easier to go viral. Remember to look at pillar pages as the library of your content.


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