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Rules of Content Engagement 2022: How to Capture the Attention of Your Audience

Content in 2022 requires businesses to consider the outcomes they want and work towards them. Demand Metric notes that nine out of ten companies use content marketing to get their message out to the world. Yet, most of these companies fail to make the impact their want on their target demographic. The most prominent issue they have is creating content that doesn't engage. In a world where going viral almost guarantees success, a business needs to make engaging content or be lost in the storm of memes that threatens to engulf the marketing world. But how does a content marketer develop compelling content in 2022?

Figure Out Your Core Demographic

If you have a business that markets to a particular subset of society, your marketing should focus on that subset. Content marketing, especially on social media, is all about getting the message out to people who want your product. Social media algorithms can meet you halfway and show your ads to those most likely to buy your products. But your ad needs to be engaging, or else you won't drive that customer to make the final click towards buying your product. You need to focus on your ideal consumer's wants and needs and what problem the product solves. These "pain points" are part of core marketing principles and help you drive your customer to make the purchase or click the link to learn more. Keyword research also helps since it focuses your content on a particular subject, increasing hits from search engines for users looking for that product.

Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Inc. mentions that content marketing is a solid cornerstone for a business's success, regardless of size. However, for a business to truly succeed at content marketing, it needs to create a foolproof content marketing strategy. The strategy would include the topics the company intends to cover, how much detail it will go into, what type of content it'll focus on (infographics, blog posts, etc.) and when those topics are to be posted. It'll also cover the marketing channels that the content is scheduled to go out to so that the business can understand the demographic outreach it can expect from the campaign. Content strategy isn't something that is a singular plan and completed. Each month, the content strategy needs to be revisited and revamped. Goals can also be reviewed, and numbers tweaked based on key performance indicators (KPIs).

Make Unforgettable Content

There's enough garbage content out there that you can easily find something to fit your needs. But you won't get the response you want if you rely on garbage content. Content that draws a user's attention and holds it is crucial. However, in the age of shortened attention spans, it might be easier said than done. For example, in the case of blog posts, the entire thing starts with a compelling headline that isn't clickbait. The whole post ought to be a story - something that guides a reader from start to end and brings them over to your side when it's all done. You should also consider breaking up the post with images and illustrations. Visual content can add immensely to text and even make it readable, depending on the layout. Unique content isn't automatically viral, but it has a higher chance of becoming viral.

Explore New Ways of Reaching Out to Customers

While blog and infographic marketing is pretty widespread, it's being overtaken by video as the number one way of getting a response from a demographic. Video has both visual and audio components, and it's easier for watchers to retain information in this form than reading and memorizing. Video is an excellent way to drive interest once the script is planned well and written by a professional. The old days of backyard video recording for marketing purposes are long gone. If you don't have a polished video for your site, you might find the internet laughing at you. Sure, no publicity is bad publicity, but it might taint your reputation among consumers. A good video script keeps the audience engaged but doesn't neglect to sell the brand message and connect with customers.

The Winds of Change

Over time, the levels of engagement of consumers have dipped drastically. Today, it's challenging to find an individual who has the time to pore over a 2500-word marketing letter. You're more likely to find them engaged in watching short, snappy videos in between their lunch break. How a business approaches content marketing in 2022 makes a world of difference to the consumers they appeal to. Appealing to the right consumers requires world-class content. Contact Iris Content today to find out more about how we can provide that written content to you. Let us help you tell your bran


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