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The 2020 Blogging Series: How Frequently Should You Blog?

Is There a Failproof Recipe?

Huffington Post, one of the world’s most prominent blogs, has a pool of about 2,000 bloggers who churn out dozens of quality content each day.

The advice to post a lot of content on your blog regularly is common in the blogging world. And this can kill your desire to start a blog, especially when you feel you don’t have enough content to post daily.

However, content creation in 2020 is a little different. While posting daily may work for some content marketers, it may be detrimental to others.

This article will explore some blog posting schedules that could work for you.

What Determines How Frequently You Should Post?

Before choosing a posting schedule suitable for your blog, consider the following:

  1. What are your content marketing goals? Some bloggers look for traffic, while others aim for conversions.

  2. How many posts are already published on your blog? The number of posts in your blog may determine the traffic.

  3. What are your traffic channels? Determine which channels generate the most traffic to your blog and reinforce them.

  4. What are the needs of your audience? Define your target audience and strive to meet their needs, while focusing on quality.

  5. What works best for you? Strive to create a balance between readership and traffic.

The factors above will put you on the right path and give you an idea of how regular you should blog for the best results.

What are the Practical Blog Posting Schedules?

To help you further, here are some of the common posting schedules you can consider:

Posting Several Times Daily

This strategy is suitable for blog updates of industry stories from reliable sources. The posts are generally short, but with valuable, emotive discussions.

Posting Once a Day

This schedule is suitable for new bloggers. It comes in handy when looking to build a strong brand and reader base. Most blogs that create video content or inspirational posts use this schedule.

When posting daily, keep the following in mind:

  1. Focus on producing high-quality posts

  2. Proper planning is critical – don’t rush through the process

  3. Utilize different types of blog posts including infographics, videos, and interviews

If you’re a new blogger, it’s important to use this posting schedule combined with an effective content marketing strategy.

2 to 5 Posts Per Week

This is a popular strategy with top bloggers. It helps draw traffic to your site without straining you or overwhelming your readers. You can create a balance by posting different types of posts on different days of the week. This helps you easily plan for future posts and keeps readers on track with their favorite blog posts.

1 Post Per Week

This is also a popular schedule with bloggers looking to keep their blogs fresh and updated with the latest content trends.

The strategy gives bloggers enough time to craft high-quality and genuinely useful materials for their blogs. It’s also suitable for long-form blog posts or those that require well-crafted illustrations.

Focus on creating evergreen 2020 content that’ll stay relevant for the longest time. Additionally, posting once per week gives you enough time to connect with readers through comments.

Occasional Updates

In this posting strategy, bloggers only post when they have something to say – usually once or twice a month. This schedule builds trust and loyalty to your readers and it’s suitable for bloggers whose primary focus is not to generate traffic, but to inform.

Be sure to update regularly and keep your content fresh. When not posting, engage the readers on your email list by sharing information that’ll keep them anticipating for your next post.

What’s Your Blog Writing Strategy in 2020?

Different bloggers have different abilities and resources. Thus, you can’t just copy-paste a successful blogger’s strategy and expect it to work. You have to create your own path to blog writing success.

Pick a blogging schedule that can work well for you in the long haul. Keep in mind that posting regularly generates higher readership and traffic, and this is especially important for anyone who has just started blog writing in 2020.

For more content writing tips for 2020, browse our latest blogs.


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