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The Huge Advantage Of Working With A Writer Team Rather Than An SEO One

SEO seems to be the new buzzword in the world of marketing. Marketers swear by it, and brands rush to jump on the SEO train, anxious to reap its rewards. Many law firms spend considerable sums hiring an SEO team, hoping it will increase their profits. They completely ignore content writing teams and invest in SEO. But this is where many law firms err, assuming that better SEO equals higher profits. Confused?

Well, let us set the record straight.

What Is SEO Really?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a marketing strategy that optimizes your website, landing page, about us page, etc., to rank higher in the search results.

So, as your pages rank high in search engines’ results page (SERP), your organic traffic increases as more and more people come across them. Higher ranking leads to increased visibility, and increased visibility leads to traffic.

SEO is achieved when your pages include the specific keywords that people are looking for. The more keywords and variations thereof, the more your pages will match your audience’s search.

The benefits of SEO are immense; no one can argue that. There is no point in creating excellent websites if nobody can find them. However, SEO is vastly overrated. Here is why.

Why Is SEO Not All That Jazz?

SEO will help people find your content but cannot guarantee that people will stick around long enough to consume it. Keyword stuffing will get your website on the top of SERPs, but if you have nothing of value to offer to your legal clients, you might as well be stuck there, watching the view from the top – alone.

Google’s newest algorithms have long surpassed the mere SEO count. They are currently assessing the overall value your website has to offer to your readers. User experience optimization and quality of content are far more important than a bunch of words. Humans have become experts at quickly scanning a page and deciding if it is worthy of their time. Sure, they can pinpoint the exact keywords they were looking for within seconds. But if these keywords are surrounded by useless fluff, your readers will be bouncing faster than you can say SEO.

So yes, you need SEO to make people see your website. But making them stick around long enough to actually read your context and convert? Well, this is a whole different story. And one, where content writing comes in handy.

What Is Content Writing

Content writing focuses on generating quality content that engages your audience and provides them with valuable information. When you create high-quality content, you demonstrate your authority within your industry, and you foster a relationship of trust between you and your clients. So, while SEO will get you noticed, content marketing will get you the traction you need.

When you work with a team of content writers, you can rest assured that they will create valuable content that appeals to your readers’ angst. They understand that your legal clients have issues that affect them on a deeper personal level and that the decision to trust you as their lawyer is not one to be taken lightheartedly.

The content they create shows empathy, understanding and uses the art of persuasion to increase your client base. It fosters a relationship of trust and allows your reader to see the human side of your firm while at the same time highlighting your expert skills and areas of expertise. Excellent content writers will set the tone for your law firm’s website and blog posts, increase your traffic, and decrease your bounce rates.

What Can You Expect From A Team Of Skilled Content Writers?

Trusting your law firm’s website, blogs, newsletters, social media posts, etc., in the hands of skilled content writers can have huge advantages. Whereas an SEO team will make your website visible, a content writer team will make your website stand out from the crowd.

So what can you expect from a team of skilled content writers?

You can expect them to craft accurate client personas and create content that will bait and hook your readers. You can also expect them to be authentic, accurate, and objective. They can deliver high-quality content (while at the same time using SEO keywords) that is informative, valuable, and helpful. Expert writers will create your brand’s story and turn readers into clients.

A writer team will offer everything that an SEO team cannot, so why work with an SEO team when a writer team can do so much more?

Our skilled writers here at Iris-Writing have several years of experience in the writing marketing arena. We have been proudly creating the brand story for numerous industries, including law firms. So contact us today, and let us show you the huge advantages your law firm will have when you work with us.


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