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The Iris Predictions: How User Experience Will Still Shape Content in 2021?

Good content is like a glue that holds audiences together. If your content has value and adds to the experience of the user then it might not just attract them but convert them into loyal followers as well. However, a lot of brands tend to make one common mistake. They fail to strategize content in a way that will enhance user experience. Instead, they only keep producing stuff that most likely gets ignored.

There is no use in sharing a video or infographic every day if it doesn’t add to the experience of the user. Whatever content you make, the first question that you need to consider is how it will make a difference in the life of the user. Is my content optimized according to my target audience or am I randomly sharing items that can become redundant?

User experience is the most important factor in determining your content and according to most market analysts; this will be a top trend in 2021 as well. If brands tend to excel then they must understand their users more than ever before. From their reading patterns to their content preferences, key insights about your audience will help you set up content that is both engaging and beneficial.

Building a Content Strategy for a Good User Experience:

To find answers to all these questions one needs to have a comprehensive content strategy whereby goals and objectives are defined. Remember, bad content can never deliver a great user experience. However, if the content has structure and all the necessary information that a reader needs then it can create a good experience for them. There are various factors that we have to keep in mind to improve the overall experience of the user. This will inevitably change the content style too.

Here’s how it can be changed:

1. Audience Driven Content 

The most important rule of UX is to keep the user at the forefront. At times we research a lot on one piece of information and we tend to include all the details we can. However, it can work in the opposite direction if your user doesn’t like reading long anecdotes. If the preference of the user is to quickly read small nuggets of information then long-form, elaborative writing may perturb them. Always understand the needs and then devise content.

2. Aesthetically Appealing Content 

Good imagery is key to ensuring a memorable experience. This is why multimedia storytelling will become even more popular in 2021. People now like to see more than they like to read. Thus, it is pivotal to produce diverse visuals with each type of content. Whether you are explaining the location of a new resort or telling a story about a native brand, appealing visuals could add value for your user. 

3. Conversion Optimization 

High conversion rates are possible only if the user experience is smooth and pleasant. A better content-driven user experience benefits from clear wording, a call to action, and a value proposition. Content pieces should have keywords that will focus on targeted customers. Ones who could relate to your service. For example, if you are a young modern brand, intending to attract millennials, then the language and tone of your content should be set according to the preferences of these millennials.

After the content strategy, the next important step is to be upbeat with the latest developments and tweaking your content according to these changing dynamics. There are multiple variables to consider:

· How Mobiles Have Changed the Way People Experience Content:

One of the trends which will follow into 2021 is the seamless integration of design and content. Mobile phones have reduced the attention spans of readers. Therefore, a lot has to be packed into the small screen to grab attention. Combining good design with compelling content can make the user scroll down with ease.

· Storytelling is Essential

No matter how important the aesthetics of a website or Instagram page may be, but to complete the user experience you have to ensure that there is strong storytelling. Every brand has a story to tell and readers are particularly intrigued if they see that online.

· Personalization is Key

Elements of personalization can uplift the performance of your website. You need to create unique experiences for every reader that lands on your page. Readers should feel as if their interests are directly being catered to. You need to use multiple channels to leverage the maximum capacity of your medium and integrate technology to make the experience better.

In conclusion, it won’t be wrong to say that you can have the best design, the best graphics, and the best personalization effect. However, without great content to back it all up, the user experience will still be very poor. Hence, if you want to dominate the online market in 2021 then diversify your content and do keep in mind some of our key considerations. 

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