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The Top B2B Marketing Strategies You Can't Neglect in 2022

A slew of world-changing events has occurred, affecting every industry in various ways and resulting in significant strategic shifts in B2B marketing.

Digital features such as website design and functionality, organic growth, sponsored search, and social interaction were strongly weighted in the top five most relied-on B2B marketing techniques. These were the approaches:

  • Web and UX design for mobile devices

  • Creating a new brand, rebranding an existing one, and launching a new one

  • Search engine optimization with a focus on content marketing

  • SEM focusing on Google Ads

  • LinkedIn is a great way to engage in social networking through quality content and ads.

While some aspects of these strategies have remained the same, marketers are now focusing more on the brand strategy side of things like personalization and employer branding. The importance of these methods will vary based on your objectives. Still, they will all impact any successful B2B marketing strategy.

Here are five B2B marketing strategies that you can't afford to overlook in 2022.

Make Use of Branding and Social Media to Raise Awareness

Marketers used to put a premium on creating sales- and marketing-qualified leads. With so many businesses vying for visibility and attention on search engines, it's clear why more professionals are devoting time and effort to raising awareness for their brand, products, services, and teams.

It's time to start treating your website and social media profiles seriously if you haven't already.

Marketers are also seeing higher Twitter engagement, which can help with brand awareness and reputation management. The platform's post style aids in the development of relatable brand personalities and tones for businesses.

For people in the B2B industry, Twitter is a versatile channel that plays a valuable function. Use Twitter to start a conversation with relevant audiences, support existing customers, publish company and industry news, and share your latest thought leadership bites.

Increase the Level of Personalization for your Target Audience.

Last year, we witnessed some of the most significant pushes for customization in marketing history. When marketers focus on the things prospects value most throughout the buyer's journey and marketing funnel, personalization in B2B can develop genuine brand loyalty.

The push for further customization in email, inbound marketing, and account-based marketing in 2021 will continue to encourage marketers to use associated best practices and compassionate techniques. Personalization and social media marketing are expected to be one of the new marketing and sales methods in 2022.

That means there are still teams who haven't spent much time experimenting with new personalization strategies and capabilities. The more you experiment with personalization strategies, the faster you'll figure out what works and what doesn't for your brand and audiences.

Pay Attention to Both Paid and Organic Social Media Marketing.

SEO and SEM individually held a spot in the top five in 2016, but now we're looking at them as a unit. Businesses are scrambling to increase their online presence, which has pushed these two digital strategies to the forefront.

More marketers see the advantages of both organic and paid social media marketing. They're opting to spend on both to boost their online presence. With retargeting advertisements and lookalike audiences, marketers can construct highly refined groups of ideal prospects and position themselves in front of them in the right locations at the right moments. Brands can easily find, engage, and connect with qualified leads using platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Although social media platforms have become quite challenging, and at first glance, they do not yield results right away, they are still a must in creating a credible brand.

If a B2B or even B2C brand is absent or puts little effort into their social media platforms, it can translate as a red flag from their customer's point of view.

Do More With Video Marketing

Video marketing has absolutely blossomed with the development of TikTok and other platforms' tales, reels, and similar features. YouTube still reigns supreme in terms of audience numbers and ad consumption for video content. Still, every platform has something to offer marketers about what viewers desire.

Beyond being incredibly entertaining, video marketing is adaptable and economical for marketers of all sizes and with various marketing budgets. The ability to make video material quickly and simply is made possible by the inclusion of a camera in practically every modern gadget. Video content may be used to enhance the personality and tone of your brand. It is possible to create informal or professional videos in tone, cover any subject matter, and be presented in a variety of forms such as product and service promotion videos, case studies, interviews, customer testimonials, tutorials, and demos.

When it comes to creating well-written, visually and conceptually appealing pieces of video content, there are several fantastic video production companies out there to assist those with the financial means to hire a professional. Our team is available to answer any questions if you need professional help with your content marketing needs.

Make Use of LinkedIn to Engage Targeted Leads

For the past six years, LinkedIn has maintained its position as the most popular social media network for locating and engaging with leads. You can utilize a range of ad layouts to reach highly targeted audiences in order to provide demos and consultations, share thought leadership, and exhibit your work, among other things. Contact and corporate lists can aid in the identification of niche markets that are difficult to reach in different ways. Using an intelligent account-based marketing approach, marketers may cast a tighter marketing and sales net by utilizing both inbound and outbound marketing methods, directly engaging with key accounts and business stakeholders to generate results rapidly.

Final Thoughts

Many platforms and tools are available to assist organizations in planning, strategizing, and executing each of these B2B marketing techniques. However, implementing these strategies and tactics without a high level of tactical knowledge and familiarity with a vast amount of relevant data can be difficult.

The Iris International staff is there to assist you at any point during this process. For further information, please get in touch with us.

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