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Video As A Source Of Information-Will This Make Or Break Your Content In 2020?

YouTube has been a means of video entertainment and information for a while now. It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is a pretty good chance that you have heard of YouTube.

Why wouldn’t you? YouTube has 2 billion users that log-in monthly and 73% of the adults in the United States use YouTube. That is more than Facebook and Instagram. Maybe they are on to something?


Looking at YouTube’s statistics should be an inspiration for your brand. There are a lot of benefits to using video marketing with your brand and site.

1. People like videos- People would rather watch a video than read a lengthy post. The post doesn’t even have to be lengthy-they would rather sit and watch something because they don’t have to work as hard.

2. Getting props on the 2nd largest search engine on the web- You probably guessed this one. Video marketing is going to show up on YouTube. Remember, they get more traffic than Facebook. Using this as a form of marketing may help you increase your brand’s fan base.

3. Use your social media platform to promote the video- In recent years, all of the popular social media platforms have incorporated the use of videos on their pages. A lot of people spend time just scrolling through videos on them. If you are posting videos that are related to what people are searching for, chances are the algorithm that fuels these sites will pick up on it and put your video in their feed.

4. People would rather watch a video that explains your product or service- Sometimes people don’t get the full understanding of what you are trying to accomplish from text on your page. A lot of people would rather see a video promotion than to try to read it. This can help alleviate any confusion that may arise between your brand and the customer.

5. Video marketing campaigns pay for themselves- If you are worried about the cost of incorporating video as a source of information on your brand content for 2020, don’t think about it in the present tense. Think about the future. You already know that people love watching videos, and the more they watch, the more likely they are to buy from you and recommend you to some of their friends. Let the investment now be what returns revenue in the future.


If you want to grab people as soon as they are on your site, create a welcome video for them. If you can entice them from the beginning, they will be more interested in checking out the rest of your site.

Having an influencer make “how-to” videos or even informational videos about your brand and linking them to your social media and website can boost your popularity. People believe what influencers have to say, so if they are using your brand in their video, others will be more likely to follow suit.

Create something fun out of videos for your brand followers. People like to be involved and feel like they are being paid attention to. If you come up with a daily video that engages them as a customer, it is more likely that they are going to purchase from you and not your competitor.

Make sure what you are uploading is fun and informative though, don’t fall in the trap of sounding stiff and boring.


There are all kinds of different technological advancements that your business is trying to accomplish, and it can be overwhelming. The video optimization integration should be gradual. Start out with simple videos, like the welcome video.

As you gain more confidence that video optimization is going to make a big impact on your content in 2020, add in the video blog posts. Interact with your customer base by going “live” on Facebook. As they comment, call them out by name. You would be surprised by the increase in popularity you can gain just by telling someone “hello” on a live feed, especially if you say their name.

Holding a live Q&A session with your customers can be a popular way to interact as well.

As you keep getting more comfortable with your ability to use video, start allowing users to send you video reviews and post them to your site. This allows them to be the star.

The important thing to remember about using videos as a source of information and entertainment on your site is that it isn’t about you. This is something you are doing for your customers and it will show with the increased revenue and brand awareness.


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